Meet the Staff - Ron Berry, PT

Ron Berry, P.T. & Water Rehabilitation Specialist

Ron has been a Physical Therapist since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from California State University, Long Beach in 1990. Prior to that, he attended U.C. Santa Cruz and worked as a massage therapist. He has worked with Robert Forster since 1993 treating a variety of diagnoses. Upon the opening of the new clinic in 1996 he helped develop the aqua therapy program. He has also worked on developing periodized training programs with athletes at Phase IV, the Scientific Health & Performance Center, since it's inception in 2002. Since then he has returned to treating a variety of diagnoses out of the water, as well. Ron keeps active and fit through a variety of sports and hobbies. He is an active member of the physical therapy professional association, the APTA, and continues to enhance his skills through educational seminars.

"The best aspect of my Phase IV experience was the wonderful attention I received. The wonderful therapy that Ron gave me carried me through up to mile 16 with my running. I had to walk from 16 to the end because my ITB got tighter and did not want to run. He helped me to know when to stop and stretch when my ITB was getting tight. On the hills they reminded me to get my knees higher and short strides as I kick my arms. I am very grateful to Ron for finding my tennis shoes and going above and beyond by taking them to his home so I could pick them up and use them on marathon day."
Maru Trimmer, Phase IV Client & Marathoner

“My therapist Ron was amazing. I have recovered 100% and would definitely see him again.”
39 y/o female - Venice, CA

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