Meet the Staff - Aishea Mass, Dir. of Science

Aishea Maas, Phase IV Director of Science, tests MMA fighter for the new Spike TV reality show

Aishea Maas, Phase IV Director of Science

Aishea has trained and tested athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors and child prodigies to Olympic Athletes. She is the "go to scientific specialist" for professional athletes and celebrities in Los Angeles and across the country. Aishea specializes in performance coaching for runners, cyclists, triathletes as well as scientific weight loss programs. One of the leading experts in metabolic testing throughout the U.S. & Canada, Aishea has lead Phase IV Research projects for the National Institute of Health, The UCLA Geffen School of Medicine and leading shoe manufactures. Aishea is one of the foremost experts in the field of exercise physiology & sports nutrition and teaches the essentials of Scientific testing and training.

Client Testimonial
"What I enjoyed most about working with Aishea & Phase IV is the wonderful attention I received. It was very personal and I felt they really cared about me and my health. Aishea was extremely helpful teaching me hydration and nutrition for my training and the marathon. She gave me all the tips so I can do great and stay healthy. Aishea followed up with me showing concern and also encouraging me to do the right thing for my body. I have had a lot of stomach issues in past marathons so this year I followed Aishea's guidance and I focused on taking only 20% of the calories I burned so it was great. No issues with my stomach, I used the products Aishea suggested and had a very successful marathon." - Maru Trimmer, Phase IV Client & Marathoner

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